Twitter Champion of Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy’ Riots Accused of Pedophilia

An anonymous Twitter user has accused the “Hong Kong Hermit” persona, whose real name I can reveal to be Adrian Champion, of attempting to groom his child.

An anonymous Twitter user has accused the “Hong Kong Hermit” persona, whose real name is Adrian Champion, of attempting to groom his 10-year-old child.

Hong Kong Hermit (HKH) has been described as “famous” by the Hong Kong Free Press, and if he is himself to be believed, by the Hong Kong police. He posts frequently about riots in Hong Kong on Twitter and periscope and has been widely cited in the media. As a result, he has been able to rack up tens of thousands of followers.

On Friday, Twitter user AnonJoxter wrote that he kicked HKH “out of my house xmas day 2019 because I caught him saying graphically suggestive sexual innuendo to my kids when he thought he was alone in a room with them. He looked my 10 year old daughter in the eye & told her to "relax while I slip in your back passage."

He continued that he overheard HKH saying this to his child “after he told a table full of people eating xmas dinner that the only thing that could make his day better would be if he was left alone to babysit two young sisters and a bag of cocaine while the parents went out.”

In another Tweet, The Joxter refers to an unknown person named “Trey:” “Hermit spends so much time getting everyone to hate Trey because Trey lives on Lamma & on Lamma hermit was famous before the protests started for stalking a local woman who performed in a band & she had to ask some big blokes to scare him off & thats why he can't go to Wanchi.”

The Joxter claims that Hong Kong Hermit was a teacher at “dodgy tutorial centres in shopping malls.” HKH has claimed to teach children on Twitter.

In yet another post, the user posts a screenshot from a news article interviewing a 40-year-old “UK-born ex-pat.” 

"...and at that point he realised it was easier, and less expensive, to pick up 15 year old girls at the protest than it was in the bars in Wanchi,” the Joxter commented.

Hong Kong Hermit has locked his Twitter account since the allegations came out. He issued a few tweets denying The Joxter’s story and has since gone mostly silent. 

To be clear, I cannot confirm The Joxter’s story. However, through it, I was able to ascertain the identity of Hong Kong Hermit.

Though the screenshot has the name of the ex-pat blacked out, I found the article, which lists the name as Adrian Champion. 

Champion has two other citations in the media, one giving him credit for a video of Hong Kong police in 2014, and another from 2016, notably before the recent wave of riots in Hong Kong and before Hong Kong Hermit’s rise to internet stardom. The latter features a radio interview with Champion. On Periscope, HKH has claimed to have lived in Hong Kong for more than 10 years.

As you can tell from this video which combines Champion’s interview with a clip from HKH’s Periscope, the voices of Adrian Champion and Hong Kong Hermit are identical. 

A Hong Kong lawyer and source of mine has identified Champion’s former place of employment as the Tsuen Wan branch of Kid Smart Schools, a tawdry franchise of education centers that are not regulated by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. As such, Champion is not on any register of teachers.

However, my source, who speaks Chinese, was able to confirm the former employment of Champion on the telephone. The woman he spoke with, whose name I am withholding, said that Champion left the so-called education center in early November on his own free will. He was not fired, though my source and others have lodged complaints with them over Champion for his lewd tweets, given that he works with toddlers.

Hong Kong Hermit has not posted any livestreams in the past nine months, and The Joxter has also claimed that Champion “arrived in Scotland on Jan 9th,” in direct messages to my source.

It appears that Champion’s plans to “permanently” live in Hong Kong have collapsed.

“He won’t last long. He has no skills to get a job and is living on a friend’s sofa,” The Joxter told my source.

There are more reasons to believe that Hong Kong Hermit is Adrian Champion. As one Twitter user pointed out, one account that had only posted seven tweets with “nothing else but gamer spam,” once commented “respect you, Adrian” under a now-deleted tweet from prominent Hong Kong riot leader Wilfred Chan which mentioned Hong Kong Hermit. That tweet has since been deleted.

Furthermore, HKH has tweeted frequently about music. The indie Hong Kong-based band Dark Himaya gives video credit to one “Adrian Champion” on one of their bio pages.

While HKH’s name has remained unknown, his likeness has been making the rounds for some time. 

One Hong Kong legislator, Ann Chiang, shared a video of Champion, whose name was still unknown, writing in Chinese “Why do foreigners appear in every riot?” Champion appeared to be making hand gestures to signal tactics to other protesters. His appearance in the video matches how he is shown in one of his livestreams. Though usually very careful not to show his own face, Champion seems to have accidentally done so in one video as commenters warn him that his “camera flipped.” 

Following Chaing’s post, Hong Kong Hermit admitted that the person seen in the video was him, and he was, in fact, discussing tactics. This contradicts what he has told Hong Kong police, that he is only present to film.

I was the first journalist to expose how the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a cutout of the CIA, was funding many of the groups participating in the coalition leading the charge in Hong Kong. On Twitter, Champion has denied that the riots in Hong Kong were connected to the NED, painting the idea as a conspiracy theory.

Champion's star role in the Hong Kong protests helped filter and direct the narratives consumed by western leftist audiences, and he had a high degree of success. Like the NED, and Brian Kern, an American who posed as a Hong Kong native (exposed by Max Blumenthal), as he made rounds in media covering the riots, Champion’s identity adds even more weight to evidence of the West’s undue influence over the separatist movement.

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